Military Pilot Training Prep Course

Star Flight Training offers a fast-paced, high-volume prep course for aspiring military pilots. Taught by a retired Air Force flight instructor with over 20 years of experience in AF pilot training, combat rescue, and special operations, this program is designed to introduce the aeronautical knowledge, hands-on flying skills, and core military concepts to help you prepare for US military flight screening and pilot training.

The core syllabus consists of 10 hours of ground training and 7 hours of in-flight training with an approximate total cost of $2,000.

This program is flexible and can be tailored to individual student and Service requirements and/or expanded to include training to qualify for solo flight or an FAA private pilot rating.

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This is not an official government program and does not replace military flight screening. It operates in accordance with FAA Regulations (14 CFR) Part 61. Students must comply with FAA and TSA requirements. Proof of US citizenship and other documentation may be required.